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ATC Stories – Blog

Benelstad3 square

Driving Toward Indepence

“Imagine not being able to drive independently or having to count on other people or public transportation to go anywhere,” says Ben, a U.S. Army veteran who sustained a C-4 incomplete spinal cord injury in a car crash in 1989. “Public transportation isn’t always reliable, and I didn’t want to inconvenience my family and friends by asking them to drive me everywhere I needed to go.”

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All-Terrain Conversions Opens a New Plant

All-Terrain Conversions is moving into a new factory. With steady growth in demand of wheelchair accessible trucks and SUVs, we simply outgrew our 40,000 square foot factory in Markle.

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Networking with ATC

Passionate customers, staff members, supporters and prospective clients surround ATC. In an effort to help these individuals interact with one another, we created ATC Connect. Located on Facebook Groups, this personalized space is great for asking questions and sharing stories about ATC vehicles.

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Spotlight: Cindy Hotalen

A small business owner and Tennessee resident, Cindy Hotalen loves the “wow” factor of ATC’s gull-wing door and wheelchair lift. She enjoys the attention received from her wheelchair being lifted in and out of the vehicle, and often takes the time to speak with passersby.

Jose square

Spotlight: José Hernandez

José Hernandez is the coolest kid on campus with his ATC-converted Chevrolet Silverado. A student at Texas A&M International University, Jose is studying to be a computer engineer while cruising in his dark blue Z71 during his free time.

Carol.lugg.new truck cropped

Spotlight: William and Carol Lugg

Almost seven years ago, Carol Lugg became paralyzed, transforming her and her husband William’s lives. In need of transportation that would survive the rough terrain in which they live, they began researching wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Avila melania trump

ATC Hero: U.S. Army Captain Luis Avila

Over the past 15 years, 6,600 Americans have been killed due to the wars and countless others have experienced major limb amputations and traumatic brain injuries. For veterans, these wounds take years of therapy to deal with and require the support of families, medical experts and the entire community.

Tom yukon square

Happy Ford Convert

“I like to travel and boat a lot on the St Lawrence River. I chose ATC due to the convenience and quality.” – Tom Lazore

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Another Happy Minivan Convert

The biggest issue he had with the minivans was ground clearance when the weather was bad. When it snowed he and his wife were unable to leave their house. They were stranded at home, unable to go grocery shopping and run other errands, until the snow cleared.

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Josh’s Christmas Wish

An ATC truck, with a bow on it, is what Josh dreamed would be in his driveway come Christmas morning. Connie, his wife, was willing to move heaven and earth to help her husband get his Christmas Wish.