truckCALHAN, COLORADO: ATC is making life easier for two all-terrain adventurers.

Almost seven years ago, Carol Lugg became paralyzed, transforming her and her husband William’s lives. In need of transportation that would survive the rough terrain in which they live, they began researching wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

In rural Colorado, a minivan isn’t an option; the dirt roads and heavy snowfalls make it essential to have a vehicle with four-wheel drive. With safety and comfort in mind, William discovered ATC to be the best option for his family.

“The only access to our house is via dirt roads, and winter access can be through a foot of snow or more,” William said. “An accessible minivan just wasn’t going to cut it for us.”

With a passenger-side conversion from ATC, Carol is able to ride comfortably with her husband in the driver’s seat. Together, they travel through the Great Plains, and enjoy the outdoors.

“We like to get off-road and explore old railroad rights-of-way and ghost towns in the Colorado mountains,” William said. “All of that is available to us with this vehicle.”

Carol and William advocate for the all-terrain features of an ATC; most important being weather protection from the gull-wing door and the ease and efficiency of the lift.

“The modification has been fully safety-tested so we can have peace of mind that it is road-worthy and safe in the event of an accident,” William said. “This truck conversion has provided us with mobility we never thought possible.”