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Sell your ATC Vehicle Consignment

Sell Your Adapted Vehicle on Consignment with ATC Distributors

Selling on consignment through ATC Distributors is a service we offer only to ATC Distributors conversion owners. Consignment might be the right choice for you for many reasons. You many no longer require the use of your ATC Distributors conversion, maybe you are ready to upgrade to a new one, or you just don’t like our trade in offer and think you can do better! If your ATC Distributors is in great condition, we will be please to evaluate it for our consignment program, and you may be surprised how fast it sells if priced competitively.

Consignment is a way for people who don’t have the time or inclination to sell pricey property still in great condition that can be of use to someone else. We will post your vehicle right along with our inventory and our staff will work to sell it for you.

How Consignment Works

Consignment of a vehicle to sell is a little different than taking your cloths to a consignment store!

As you know, there isn’t an adapted-vehicle dealership on every corner, much less an adapted-vehicle consignment shop, but there’s still a way to sell your ATC Distributors truck, SUV or CUV on consignment

Naturally, ATC Distributors online dealership operates a little differently from local consignment stores. Instead of your having to bring your vehicle to us for inspection before an agreement is reached, you simply have to fill out the form below describing your vehicle in detail–make, model, model year, mileage, vehicle condition, type of modification (professionally modifications only), etc. You’ll need a current registration and active, full-coverage insurance throughout the consignment. And, we will require at least 20 nice pictures of all sections of your vehicle. We will coach you on that process.

The Process!

We will evaluate your vehicle and supply you a Retail Value plus a Trade-In Value which what we are willing to pay immediately for your vehicle. Retail is what we believe you could expect to receive on consignment before our sales commission.

It is in your best interest to disclose all facts regarding your vehicle. We will run checks on your title for accidents so please disclose all fender benders. The evaluator may accept a vehicle even if it needs minor repairs however they must be disclosed. At this point, you maintain possession of the title.

Your vehicle will be listed on our website until it sells, or you send a written request for removal.


As with most used vehicles, the buyers may negotiate a price for your ATC Distributors conversion and ATC Distributors’s commission is the amount that remains after you’re paid your guaranteed amount. Ultimately, you receive a check and sign over the title to the new owner.

Selling a wheelchair accessible vehicle on consignment might not be for everyone, but it’s a fine option for those who want as little hassle as possible and ATC Distributors’s expert sales assistance.

Consignment transactions are subject to the jurisdiction and laws of North Carolina.

­­­­­­Sell Your Adapted Vehicle on Consignment with ATC Distributors

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    Consignment transactions are subject to the jurisdiction and laws of North Carolina.