Cindy hotalenSPARTA, TENNESSEE: This ATC owner is turning heads with her converted Silverado.

A small business owner and Tennessee resident, Cindy Hotalen loves the “wow” factor of ATC’s gull-wing door and wheelchair lift. She enjoys the attention received from her wheelchair being lifted in and out of the vehicle, and often takes the time to speak with passersby.

“I love getting asked questions while I am getting out of it,” Hotalen said. “I get into the Walmart parking lot and people just walk by and stare at it, as if it’s something they have never seen.”

Cindy is not bothered by the attention, and appreciates the compliments and well-wishes.

“Everyone tells me, ‘I am so happy for you,’ ‘Good for you,’ ‘You deserve it,” Hotalen said. “They say, ‘This is just amazing – what they can do for people in your situation,’ and it makes me feel good.”

After owning an ATC vehicle for a few years, Cindy has decided to upgrade her 2016 Silverado to a newer model, with a high interest in ATC’s new mid-size SUV conversions.

“I just love how it makes me feel independent and on-top of the world. No more minivan,” Hotalen said. “I love ATC; I wouldn’t go to any other company.”