Connie hale square 300x300An ATC truck, with a bow on it, is what Josh dreamed would be in his driveway come Christmas morning.  Connie, his wife, was willing to move heaven and earth to help her husband get his Christmas Wish.  On Thursday (Dec. 20), she and her father drove through the night from Tennessee.  They made their way across the North Carolina mountains, across half the state, and into Raleigh to pick up Josh’s truck.

Plenty of time left before Christmas, but there is more to be done to Josh’s truck before the bow can be placed on it. Josh has a specialized wheelchair that required additional modifications to the truck in order to accommodate it.  These modifications can only be performed at the factory… in Indiana!  She and her father once again set off through the night, 650 miles, to a hotel close to the factory.  The next morning they were at the factory where the ATC elves, who love being part of a Christmas Wish, jumped on the modifications and completed them in a single day.

Later that afternoon, Connie and her dad were back on the road to Tennessee where they would indeed be able to make Josh’s Christmas Wish come true.